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School Aim


    Build open internal study and external resources sharing platform to realize common development with customers,employees and partners, to help university personnel training and accelerate the incubation of enterprise talents.


Gavin School Motto: Introspection to cultivate one's morality,  Inter-working to create a new way


    Advocate the introspection attitude towards work, dedicated to the improving of the ideological awareness and job skills.

    Willing to learn, good at sharing, give play to the leverage of collective knowledge, seek new ideas and economic growth point by communication channels.



School Mission

  • Customer service

    For customers to provide quality products, supporting with the open product knowledge repository, including product process, technical support and after-sales service etc., to improve our Brand service idea.

  • Energizing team

    Focus on the acceleration incubation of enterprise internal talent, responsible for human resources training and talent reserves, support company strategy development; create a learning organization, to enhance the soft power.

  • Win-win with partner

    The output of new management concept, advanced production and  business models. Exchange, boost the development of the start-ups, to build a resource sharing platform in the field of industry.

  • University-enterprises co-creation

    Carry out the campus public courses through independently or with a third party, to provide the theory and practice combining with the platform, providing employment and career planning, so as to help the talent cultivation and output.

Training methods and curriculum design


The scene teaching/video teaching

1.Sharing the product knowledge and industry information with customers.

2.Staff induction training and skills upgrading.

3.The spread, recreation and carry out of enterprise culture and management concept.

4.Employee career planning and human resource potential development.

Open training

Commonweal salon/Lecture/Public push

Commonweal salon: Exchange business philosophy and work skills with outstanding workers by Boss lesson.

Lecture: Sharing the actual combat experience by video, audio or site training

Public push:Conclusion release the high quality curriculum content

Lecturer introduction

  • Rita

    Gavin Academy - Senior lecturer
    Alibaba P4P Certified instructors

    Good at network promotion, operation and data analysis

    Core courses:

    《Global online shop design》

    《P4P marketing promotion》

    《SNS marketing》

    《Network marketing》

  • Stone

    Gavin - Senior Product Engineer
    Gavin Academy - Senior lecturer

    Good at product development and management

     Core courses:

    《Basic knowledge and selection considerations of load cell》

    《Basic knowledge and selection considerations of flow meter》

    《Supplier development and management》

  • Gavin

    Gavin Academy - Senior lecturer
    Gavin Founder

    Good at business marketing and marketing tactics, team management and operation

    Enterprise culture building and employee motivation

    Core courses:

    《How to build a high performance team》

    《Team motivation and management》

  • Linda

    Gavin Academy - Senior lecturer
    Alibaba RFQ Certified instructors

    Good at sales team management, RFQ operation

    Core courses:

    《RFQ Customer development and follow up》

    《Customer management and the second follow up》

  • Betty

    Gavin Academy - Senior lecturer
    Gavin - Senior Account Manager

    Good at the trade assurance operation, customer negotiations and the second follow up

    Core courses:

    《How to become a good TOPSALES?》

    《How to make order by trade assurance?》

  • Wendy

    Gavin Academy - Senior lecturer
    Gavin - Senior Designer


    Core courses:

    《The decoration and design of Global online shop 》

  • Chengcheng Gao

    Gavin Academy - Senior lecturer
    The first level of enterprise human resource manager

    Good at performance and employee relationship management

     Core courses:

    《Goal setting and performance management》

    《The design and construction of enterprise recognition system 》

    《Nine personality of self-improvement and insight others》