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  • Talent Concept

    Talent Concept,

    to create a learning-oriented enterprises.

    Improve personal skills and performance at the same time

    make employees with a total growth of the company.

  • Group Atmosphere

    Don’t have a strong sense
    of the relationship between superior and subordinate,all Gavin person regards company as their family.

    Keep learning, keep improving, and keep adapting.

    Embrace change, with the super fighting capacity.

    Focus on the process, seize the result simultaneously.

  • Qualities Required

    Trust, Cooperation,
    Confidence, Courageous and resolute,

    Modesty.Continuous self-correcting and Co-creation

  • The person who we need

    The personal who have deep
    love for products and job,

    have a positive energy. Compressive ability, entrepreneurial spirit,

    strong sense of responsibility. Keen insight

    Keen insight, clear logical thinking and smooth language power of expression.

  • Growth Environment

    Crisis will make you more and more hard, otherwise can't keep up with
    the pace of others.

    The strong sense of post presence and value.Own quiet growth and the improving of the post skills.

    Own quiet growth and the improving of the post skills.

    No ridicule, no scheming, only sharing and encouragement whenever and wherever...

  • Welfare Treatment

    Stock ownership incentive;Perfect training and competition mechanism,
    broad rising space.

    Easy and free working atmosphere, warm touched the growth of the environment.

    Stage show your skills, learning, growing, and the opportunity to make mistakes occasionally.

    The exhibition at home and abroad, Alibaba international platform, 1688, global SNS marketing, and tens of thousands of domestic and foreign customers are waiting for you.

    Tourism, rich in team activities.Legal holiday, paid annual holiday, five social insurance and one housing fund, double cease,( working at a.m. 8:30~p.m. 17:30), and generous holiday welfare.

Talent Recruitment

  • Customer assurance manager



    ①    Be responsible for the market development and customer relationship management;
    ②    Responsible for project acceptance, due diligence, project report writing, project review;
    ③    Be responsible for the whole process risk management of the project guarantee project, implement the follow-up and monitoring of the project.
    ④    Other tasks assigned by superior.




    ①    Master degree or bachelor degree with 2 + years working experience;
    ②    Professional is not limited to the age of 30 years of age;
    ③    Cheerful personality, with good market development ability, strong pressure resistance;
    ④    Construction industry background, sales experience is preferred;
    ⑤    The applicant shall adhere to the principle of territoriality, which should be the main application areas of life, non business reasons, companies generally do not approve transfer work.


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