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SALE! Deals On March ONLY!

2019.02.27 GALOCE

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Missed the Chance, Wait for a year! On the occasion of the coming of March, in order to thank everyone for your love and support for GALOCE and our products, we will offer preferential activities for some products, SPECIAL OFFERS UP TO 60USD! And we have the gift Portable Hanging Scale for you!



This activity is only available to customers who place an order of products (GPB100, GSB205, GSS406, GWD200, GTS200, GPWA08) over 1000USD during the MARCH EXPO. This offer is limited to one use per person or same company.

Date: 1/3/2019—3/31/2019.

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us, all the staff of GALOCE will always be at your service!

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