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.The products are made of alloy aluminum

.Hermetically sealed with glue to IP65 surface anodized and anti-corrosion

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GPB140 Single point Counting Scales Load Cells 300kg

1.The products are made of alloy aluminum;

2.Hermetically sealed with glue to IP65.surface anodized and anti-corrosion.

3.integral structure and easy installation;

4.Suitable for electronic counting scales,platform scales and other small size electronic weighing devices.

What is specification of GPB140 Load cell?


Range (KG): 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 

Temp. effect on zero (%F.S/10℃): ±0.03

Accuracy: C2

Nonlinearity error (%F.S):±0.02

Comprehensive error (%F.S): ±0.02

Repeatability error (%F.S):±0.02

Rated output (mV/ V): 2.0±0.1

Hysteresis error (%F.S):±0.02

Creep (%F.S/10min): ±0.02

Compensated temp. range (℃): -10~+40

Zero balance (%F.S): ±1.0

Working temp. range (℃): -20~+60

Input resistance (Ω): 405±6

Excitation voltage (V): 9-12(DC)

Output resistance (Ω): 350±3

Safe overload (%F.S): 120

Insulation resistance (MΩ): ≥5000

Ultimate overload (%F.S): 150

Temp. effect on span (%F.S/10℃): ±0.02

Ingress protection: IP65

What is Dimension of GPB140 Load cell?

GPB140 Single point Counting Scales Load Cells 300kg

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