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This ultrasonic fuel level detector uses the ultrasonic detection technology to measure the height of fuel level in container and output a standard electrical signal after through circuit processing. Ultrasonic sensors outer adheres on the bottom of the fuel tank and no need directly to contact with the fuel level that could be real-time detection the height of fuel level. It could be widely used in various types of vehicles for fuel measuring and monitoring, also could be combined with GPS/GPRS communication technology, through the computer software management platform to achieve scientific management vehicles, prevent fuel theft behavior and save the vehicle operating cost.


Product Display:

photobank (1).png

Successful Case:

photobank (2).png



Working Voltage

9V~36V DC

Working Temperature


Working humidity


Pressure range

≤0.8kg or 0.8MPa



Measurement range

Depending on the material and thickness of the container. if 5mm thick steel plate, the measurement range is 5~100cm



Output signal

Analog voltage output, RS232 or RS485

Analog voltage parameter

Measurement range for analog voltage is0~5V. 0~3V. 1~5V. 1~3V.


Communication port parameter

Baud rate:9600. 8 data bits. 1stop bit. No flow control. No parity bit. The height value of the smoothing process is transmitted once per 10s. (Baud rate,Transmission interval and parity bit can be customized)

GUT810 Ultrasonic Digital Fuel Level Sensor for Truck

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