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Combined ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, ultrasonic servo circuit and transmitter circuit.

Adopts SMD components, ASC chip and plated circuit boards, ensure the product with small volume but good long term reliability.

NLEPF compound material housing, endurable and with good acoustic property.

Suitable for most of sites and user friendly.

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GUT745 ultrasonic level sensor is a combination of ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, ultrasonic servo circuit and transmitter circuit. It uses SMD components and ASC chip, which makes the circuit compact and concise. The circuit board is plated and has high stability and long-term reliability. Meanwhile, the shell uses NLEPF synthetic materials with sturdy texture and good  acoustic property. The transducer can be used in most working condition sites. While fixing it on the liquid wall or instrument housing, there is no need tools such as screws, but a 68mm hole. It has the features of stabilization, easy installation and disassembly.


Ultrasonic sensor:

Low power sensor


Middle power sensor


Max. range:



Non detection zone (NDZ):


Default: 300mm


Default: 350mm



When FS≤3m, NDZ could be customized to 200mm, 15mm or 100mm

When FS≤5m, NDZ could be  customized to  200mm or 15mm

Can not be customized


Beam angle:



Operating frequency:






In case that value of ±0.5%F S is less than 5mm, take 5mm as accuracy; if not, accuracy will be ±5mm.

(at 25℃, absolute flat surface target under standard condition)


When FS≤1m, accuracy could be customized to ±1mm

When FS≤2m, accuracy could be customized to ±3mm

When FS≤7m, accuracy could be customized to ±0.25%F.S



Default: 4-20mA three wires


4-20mA four wires, 0-20mA, 1-5V, 0-5V, RS485 (default MCU protocol of our company), 4-20mA+RS485, 1-5V+RS485


Users could not set address and communication baud rate since the product do not have display.

Default setting: Address=01, communication baud rate=9600bps

Please inform us before order if you have other requirement on setting.

Measurement mode:


Default: Distance mode, i.e. output for distance between end of sensor and the target surface


Liquid level mode, i.e. output for distance between surface and bottom (bottom of the container) of the liquid

Please inform us for height of installation before order. To avoid installation error, please make sure the installation height provided  consists with distance between end of sensor and bottom of liquid.

Power supply:

DC12V/300mA, no customization option

Operating temp.:


Default: 0-50℃

Customization: Negative temp. 10℃, -20℃, -30℃; High temperature 60℃, 70℃, 80℃


Default: 0.5m length, please inform us if you need other length



Default: screw or clamp

Size of screw: M49x1.5mm, 2 clamps

Ingress protection

IP65, no customization option


Default:  normal pressure, non explosion proof, no corrosion condition

Customization: Intrinsically safe, strong corrosion resistance (PTFE material used)


Please consider condition of the surface and real site before doing type selection. For waving surface and some special conditions on site, larger range may need to be chosen.

 GUT745 Non-contact Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

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