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None contact continuously measurement, wear-proof permanently.

No drift and do not need calibration.

Absolute position measurement, resolution could reach to 0.15mm

Could detect multi liquids, interfaces or liquid levels at same time

Value range of measurement could be set by users.

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GTL621 Magnetostrictive float level transmitter could provide fast, reliable, accurate and continuous level signal at real time. The product could with one or multiple floats and output of floats on absolute position will be analog or digital signals. There are normal probe, flexible probe, anticorrosive probe and other probe options for the product, which could meet requirements of various industries with volatile, corrosive and other harsh environments. Since GTL621 float level transmitter provides multi level detection function, it has great advantage in multi level applications including chemical reactors, tanks, oil depots, fuel tanks, etc.

Level range

Probe: 40mm5000mm

Flexible probe: 50mm20000mm

Non detection zone (NDZ)

Top NDZ: 50mm 

Bottom NDZ: 50mm(customized)




Analog: 0.3%

RS485: 0.1%

Output signal

Analog: 4-20mA

Digital: RS485

Power supply





≤0.01% /year

Rated pressure

2.5Mpa/ customization

Operating temp.


Relative humidity



4 bit 0.56’’ LED

Probe material

304 stainless steel or customization

Housing material

304 stainless steel or customization


5-core cable connector, default length 2m


Thread, flange or external installation

Thread size

No display: M18*1.5

With display: M20*1.5

GLT621 Magnetostrictive diesel fuel tank level meter

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