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2018.12.28 Gavin

December 2, 2016, the global sensor and Intelligent Development Forum opened in Beijing, Yizhuang grand opening of Kokusai Hotel. Xi'an Gavin electronic technology limited company as the sensor industry pioneer was invited to participate in the transformation.


The meeting was sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of microelectronics, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Internet of things research and development center. From across the sensor field experts and well-known enterprises, investment and financing institutions, the Department in charge of industry stakeholders together to communicate the status of the industry, industry prospects prospects, to explore opportunities for cooperation.



Sensor, as an important tool of information industry, is an important technical foundation of new technology revolution and information society. The development of intelligent sensor based on MEMS technology has become an important indicator of whether a country has an international competitive advantage. Global smart sensor industry is entering a historic period of major adjustments and changes, technological evolution and market growth point of change, will lead to a significant change and adjustment of the sensor industry chain and industrial ecology.


Global sensor and intelligent development forum will show the international level of technology and applications to the Chinese industry, this conference is to help manufacturers and applications to strengthen exchanges and cooperation of the general assembly.


"Going out, please come in, to help China sensor industry about the world advanced technology, promote the development of the industry, while helping China enterprise and technology to the world, the establishment of industry service platform, is the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of microelectronics and network research and development center will aim to do this.


The Chinese Networking Industry Alliance awarding ceremony will be held on more than and 20, union chairman and member units participated in the award, the participation of enterprises in the industry under the support of China networking industry alliance will be bigger and bigger, better and better, to become the most influential domestic and international networking industry alliance.



Beijing Silicon Valley Yizhuang Mobile Co. Ltd and China Microelectronics Institute of strategic cooperation signing ceremony held at the meeting, the two sides will sign in integrated circuit IP resource sharing, integrated circuit design, networking industry integration, project incubator, personnel training and other aspects of the introduction of the development of in-depth cooperation.


In addition, the meeting also invited guests were made of "intelligent sensing and intelligent interconnection", "China manufacturing and sensor technology", "more secure and efficient service", "digital backend design from the German industrial 4 traditional mechanical equipment intelligent transformation and upgrading" "global sensor industry status and multidimensional magnetic technology the application of intelligent sensor", "Internet car city traffic sensor Vehicke as a Sensor" topic.


Networking applications exhibit during the meeting held at the same show, Gavin group total participants and Geng sensor field sensor products, R & D and manufacturing applications, sensor technology development trend of in-depth exchanges, jointly explore unlimited opportunities for future cooperation.